Cartographies du Corps, Arles Festival.

Cartographies du Corps, Arles Festival

Cartographies du corps traces a map of the skin and the gestures of aging women that speak about engaged lives, still filled with energy, full of beauty – a beauty that comes from the layering of their experience. Susan Meiselas & Marta Gentilucci partnered to capture in images and sound the vital force that inhabits these bodies, the intensity of their past lives and the enduring hope of the life that remains to be lived, against the representation of old age as the absence of opportunity, or even illness, loneliness, and deprivation. Within the chapel of Saint-Blaise, the installation creates a sense of closeness and intimacy, to present a choral image which draws on and shares the collaboration with each woman. It is an immersive landscape that transforms in time the spatial relationships, shaping a site-specific approach into a collective experience. 

The exhibition takes place at this year’s Les Rencontres d’Arles festival and will be on view at the Église Saint-Blaise from July 4 until September 25.

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